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Since many years we are now on the market and offer the newest technologies to our esteemed customers. It has always been, and will always be, about quality. We are passionate about ethically and loyal partnership of leading manufacturers worldwide.  We are called partners of our suppliers because it’s not just a job it’s our passion to represent those market leaders with top service in Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Together we embrace diversity to create a place where each of us can be ourselves.

We always treat each other with respect and dignity regardless which nationality or culture. It starts with the promise of a perfectly made job but our word goes far beyond that. It is also about human understanding and connection. Every of our products is part of a solution and we take our responsibility to assure lifetime satisfaction.  We want to be invited in wherever we do business.  We can be a force for positive action and our potential for good is even larger.

METTLER TOLEDO is a global manufacturer and marketer of precision instruments for use in laboratory, industrial and food retailing applications. The Company has strong worldwide leadership positions...more
PMS is founded in 1972, To be the differentiated leader for micro contamination monitoring by improving the performance of clean manufacturers through the application of superior technology, quality, and...more

ROTRONIC offers a comprehensive portfolio that includes handheld instruments, measurement transmitters, industrial sensors, OEM products and data loggers. Rotronic measuring devices do...more

Scharlab works to satisfy its customers needs with a broad range of analytical chemicals, culture media, and semi-bulk fine chemicals of high quality with the best service...more
  Duran Group 
The DURAN Group offer laboratories a full range or glassware, made from the well know borosilicate glass, the DURAN glass is recognized world wide as the best lab glassware...more
Pharma Test  PHARMA TEST has risen to the challenge of responding continually to the requirements of the international pharmaceutical production community, and now offers a comprehensive range of pharmaceuticals testing...more  
Parameter Generation & Control provides equipment in the field of humidity control and design for multiple industries. offering reliable and cost effective equipment, with low energy requirements...more
PALL  PALL Corporation is a global leader in the high-tech filtration, separation and purification industry...more  

Fedegari laboratory range brings to you all the innovation already tested in the pharmaceutical industry. The same components, the same process controller, customized to meet your laboratory needs... more

LIM LIM - Laboratory Imaging is a company with broad expertise in microscopy and image processing and analysis. LIM offer general purpose image processing and analysis systems as well as reliable...more   
   Nikon Nikon is a global manufacturer and marketer of optical instruments for use in laboratory, clinics and research centers, with portfolio that covers upright and inverted microscopes, fluorescent, stereo microscope...more BINDER BINDER has been a world leading manufacturer and supplier of laboratory incubators ovens and stability chambers, with it CB CO2 incubators Binder has revolutionized the world of IVF...more  
  sparMED SparMED is a Danish company composed of a group of In Vitro Fertilisation experts working on the basis of the idea ' GOosafe In IVF Laboratories '. Sparmed produces the well known not toxic disinfects...more Sage® SAGE® product line offers products for use in assisted reproductive procedures. Included are products to aid in fertility assessment as well as the complete offering of highly regarded SAGE® media and devices...more  
  Hamilton Thorne Hamilton Thorne is a leading provider of advanced laser systems and instruments for in-vitro cell applications in the regenerative medicine research and fertility clinic markets...more IVFtech   IVFtech is a company producing advanced and specialized equipment for IVF-laboratories, this include IVF workbenches, Hot surfaces, air cleaners, IVF accessories, etc...more