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 Products and Solutions

 Thermal Analysis Excellence
 Thermal Analysis Excellence instruments allow you to characterize sample materials over a very wide temperature range.
 Thermal Value Excellence
 Thermal Value Excellence offers a comprehensive array of simple to use instruments, to quickly and reliably determine thermal data.
 Concentration determination with highest precision and productivity. Complete range of titrators and accessories covering most titration applications.
 pH-/ Cond-/ DO- / ISE-Meter
 Whatever you need to measure, be it pH, ORP, ion concentrations, conductivity or dissolved oxygen.
 Density Meters
 Digital density meters measure density, specific gravity and other related values (I.e. alcohol%, BRIX°, API degrees) with high precision and short measuring time.
 Electrodes for laboratory and field
  These sensors combine innovative technologies and a tradition in glassblowing for fast pH, ORP, conductivity and dissolved oxygen measurements.
 Digital refractometers measure refractive index and other related values (I.e. BRIX°, HFCS, concentration, user defined units) with high precision and short measuring time.
 UV/Vis Spectrometers
UV/VIS Excellence spectrophotometers combine outstanding optical performance with the intuitive One Click™ user interface. Excellent performance and reliable results, LabX® PC software allows for quick and seamless spectroscopic workflows…
 Analytical Instruments
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