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IVF and Genetics products and solutions

 Perfect combination
 Our emphasis on The NT-88-V3 series developed by NIKON & Narishige, Insures easy operation and unsurpassed level of precision...
 Monitoring and incubation systems
 The Miri bench-top incubators offers all features that assure safetysterility and low gas consumption.The Esco Miri TL, optimized for clinical and IVF procedures.
 Excellent clean air performance
 Low noise & low vibration - A unique laminator system ensures the down flow air is uniform and balanced.
 The only laser with no alignment hassles
 The Zilos-tk offers safe & precise computerized laser delivery for assisted hatching and provides a unique safe solutions of risky laser beam over human embryos.
 Oosafe® products
 OOSAFE® products are together acts to improve your lab environment in term of air quality ,sterility ,and incubation conditions.
 Incubator with hot air sterilization
 an effective sterilization program that operates at 180 °C in compliance with standards, for cultivation without any contamination.
 Sperm Analyzers
  With the proven performance of our sperm analyzers and our respected standing in the industry.
 Cytogenetic Analysis
 LUCIA Karyo stands out in the ease of use and the speed of getting results.
 IVF & Genetics
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