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Products and Solutions for Weighing in the Laboratory

Micro Balances & Ultra Micro Balances
  Exceeding the limits of weighing: Excellence Micro and Ultra Micro Balances display unsurpassed accuracy even with the smallest of samples.
Analytical Balances
 METTLER TOLEDO Analytical Balances are the world's best. A perfect combination of high performance, reliability and ease-of-use.
Precision Balances
 METTLER TOLEDO Precision Balances are world leaders for reliable, high-precision weighing both in the lab and under harsh industrial conditions.
One Click™ Weighing Solutions
 Standard Preparation, Loss on Drying, Sieve Analysis... Discover the new generation of weighing solutions - easy, secure and fast!
Balances for Special Purposes
 Portable balances, Pharmacy Line, Education Line, Jewelry or Ex Zone 2 balances - we offer a broad portfolio tailored to your special needs.
Mass Comparators
  Mass Comparators set the standard in mass metrology and ensure traceability to the international prototype.
 Weigh Modules – OEM Solutions
 High speed high accuracy weigh modules. Tailored to the needs of equipment or machine manufacturers for simple integration
Halogen Moisture Analyzers
 Excellent repeatability, easy operations and proven performance. Halogen Moisture Analyzers set the standard for fast and accurate moisture determination.
Pipette Calibration Workstation
 Automated systems for accurate, high-speed calibration of single, multi-channel and micropipettes.
Filter Weighing Solutions
 Use the Robotic Filter Weighing Solution or a Filter Weighing Kit installed on an Excellence Balance for state-of-the-art emissions determination.
Automated Powder and Liquid Dispensing
 Automated dispensing of 1 mg to 5 g of free-flowing powders with liquid dispense option to make dosing easier and safer.
 Easy-to-use solutions increase productivity, reduce process errors and help ensure compliance with regulations.
 METTLER TOLEDO offers a comprehensive selection of weights, from 1 mg to 5 tons in all common nominal values and weight classes.
 Get more from your balance: Choose from a wide range of accessories to optimize weighing processes, increase efficiency and improve ergonomics.
 Laboratory Weighing
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