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Microbiology products and solutions

 Astell Autoclaves
 Astell Scientific has been a world leading manufacturer and supplier of laboratory, pharmaceutical & hospital autoclaves
and sterilizers for over a century...
 IVF tech Class II cabinets
 Made to meet the requirements for IVF laboratories, such as “vitrification” cabinets “ICSI” cabinets, “sperm collection” cabinets, “routine work” cabinets.
 INTEGRA Media Preparation
 INTEGRA is a leading provider of high-quality laboratory tools for liquid handling, media preparation, sterilization and cell cultivation.
 BINDER Incubators & Cooled Incubators
 An incubator or cooled incubator from BINDER is the persuasive solution for stable incubation processes.
 Mettler Pipettes
 While RAININ’s vast selection of pipettes and tips cover just about every application, there are special cases, where a specialized tool can deliver an even better performance.
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