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Microscopy supplies and solutions

 Biological Microscopes
 These microscopes are used for biological research at laboratories and universities, inspections at hospitals, and for science education.
 Super Resolution Microscopes
 These microscopes enables elucidation of structure and function of the nano-Scopic machinery within living cells.
 Stereoscopic Microscopes
 SMZ series can be used at on-site inspection or for manipulation of a sample thanks to their stereoscopic image, long working distance and wide field of view. Various models are available for many applications and purposes.
 Confocal Microscopes
 The new A1 series dramatically improves confocal performance and ease of operation. The C2 comprises a new generation of Nikon confocal instruments designed to be essential laboratory.
 Multi-purpose Zoom Microscopes
 AZ series offers the combined advantages of a stereoscopic microscope with a wide field of view and a long working distance and an industrial microscope with high-resolution images and various observation methods.
 Integrated Cell Culture Observation System
 BioStation CT houses a microscope and camera within the Incubator. It automatically captures the images of cells being culture; thers is no need to remove the vessel from the incubator and move it to the microscope.
 Asbestos Observation Microscope
 These microscopes are used to identify and count asbestos fibers.
 Time Lapse Imaging System
 Combining a microscope,incubator and high-sensitivity digital camera into one powerful system.
 Digital Microscope
 ShuttlePix head can be used as a handheld zoom microscope or attached to motorized focusing stand. It offers to capture high quality images of objects of almost all any size in any location imaginable.
 Cameras for Microscopy
 The Digital Sight camera system allows you to freely combine camera headswith stand-alone or PC-based contorol units.
 Imaging Software
 Nikon offers the total software solution that covers image capture, archiving, and analysis.

 Scanning Electron Microscopes
 TESCAN is one of the world’s leaders in the field of designing and manufacturing scanning electron microscopes and system solutions for different applications.
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