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 Analytical Products
 Dissolution Testing
 This is the area for Tablet Dissolution Testing Instruments. Basically you can select from 3 versions while all of them are ready to be upgraded to a semi or fully automated system.
 Semi-Automated Dissolution
 Semi automated in this case means auto sampling for a Dissolution Test Instrument at pre-programmed times. This already eases the dissolution job a lot.
 Fully-Automated Dissolution
 An entirely new generation of automated dissolution systems is the IDS 1000 and the DTS 800.
 In-Situ Dissolution
 In Situ Dissolution using Fiber Optic Probes directly inside the dissolution vessels is probably the most interesting development to happen in the dissolution technology regime for some time.
 SA500: The First Diode Array UV/VIS Spectrophotometer with a 8 or 16 way Cell Changer for 10 and 20 mm path length flow-cells and integrated Advanced Fiber Optic Technology.
 Galenical Products
 Disintegration Testing
 Our range of tablet and capsule disintegration testers meet in detail the current specifications of the most recent USP <701/2040> and EP <2.9.1/> monograph.
 Semi Automated Disintegration
 The PTZ AUTO allow the entry and recall of stored methods. With the levels of security and results reporting now specified by FDA regulations
 Fully-Automated Disintegration
 The PTZ AUTOEZ instruments are the fully automated Tablet Disintegration Test Systems.
 Suppository Testing
 The range of instruments to test the quality of Suppositories, Pessaries, Creames etc. includes Disintegration, Penetration, and Dissolution Instruments and Apparatus.
 Tablet Hardness Testing
 All PHARMA TEST Hardness Testing Instruments meet the latest requirements of the USP monograph <1217> and EP <2.9.8>
 Tablet Hardness Automated
 The Fully Automated WHT3ME Instruments are designed to automatically measure 4 parameters for either round or odd shaped tablet forms.
 Friability Testing Manual
 PTFE and PTFER, single or double drum Tablet Friability Test instruments.
 Friability Testing Automated
 PTFERA and PTFDR are automated Friability Testing Instrument
 Powder Testing Manual
 The PT-TD200 is a single station Tapping Density Tester, it allows to test in compliance with the monographs of the USP <616, Method 1-3) and the EP <2.9.34-3 Method 1-3> and DIN 53194.
 Powder Testing Automated
 The PTGS3 Powder Testing System is used to measure the flow behaviour of Granules and Powders in compliance with the EP <2.9.17/36> and USP <1174> pharmacopoeia and the international ISO 4324 standard.
 Leak Testing
 The PT-LT Leak Test Apparatus is widely applied in the pharmaceutical, food and sweets industry for checking strips, blisters and bottles containing tablets, capsules, syrups and so on.
 Pharmaceutical Testing
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