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Support and Service


We offer our customers a comprehensive set of services to cover different sectors needs:


• Installation and Commissioning:

As a default, we are responsible for the installation and commissioning of all the

equipments we supply, that also includes staff training on the operation of the instrument

and other optional services.


• Training:

Training on operational use and running of different instruments, Application training, as

indicated on our training page. we also offer a variety of application training preventive

maintenance training, to help the user to maintain and reduce possible downtime for his



• Repair and Maintenance:

This service is provided by a team of trained engineers and technicians, with the aid from

manufacturing companies manuals, most repairs can be done at customer site, and when

its needed, it could be done at Taawon work shop which is equipped with

specialized tools and instrument to aid maintenance different tasks.


• Qualification:

As this is critical service for pharmaceutical industries, we offer it for almost all this sector`s

items, and it can be offered for other sectors if needed.


• Calibration:

For a selected instruments we offer calibration services, such as weighing technology,

titration, particle counters, humidity sensors, thermal analysis and some other instumtents

we also offer to do the adjustment based on calibration report generated.


• Service Contracts:

Yearly contracts to cover routine visits and emergency calls, it can also include different

options for quality control assistance. service includes and not imited to:

• Maintenance and repair.

•Calibration and adjustment.

•Periodic preventative maintenance.



• Staff Qualification

We understand the value of proper service and the need for a qualified service team to

perform their required task as expected, added to that the varieties and continuous

changing of technologies we offer, all of that requires continuous training program for our

service staff, getting their training from manufacturing partners through a dedicated

training programs, and from Taawon internal programs.


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